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It’s Your Choice

Much like the damages to your vehicle were not authorized by you, the repairs to your vehicle are not authorized by the insurance company. Repairs are authorized by you, the vehicle owner.

Since you are hiring us to perform in your best interest the necessary repairs on your vehicle to the best of our abilities; our only accountability is to you, the consumer, for the quality auto body repair you expect.

State consumer protection laws firmly establish that the contract of repair is between the consumer and the repair shop. The insurance company is not a party to that contract.

In good faith, we will start the repairs from any lower insurance or competitor estimate. Realize it is simply an opinion of the repair cost and does not change the damages or limit the cost of the auto repairs you will require. The final repair audit will determine the actual total repair cost.

Cleaning Car
Fixing Seat
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During the auto body repairs, we will inform you and the insurance company of any additional repair costs. However, if the liable insurance company tries to control or limit the quality of the repair through cost denial, charge alterations, or omissions, we will contact you to review your following options:

For consumer assistance or complaint with any auto insurance settlement conflicts, you may contact the Office of the Superintended of Insurance online at: